Gin Guru or Wine Expert


Be a Gin Guru & Be a Wine Expert

60 minutes Certification courses on Gin & Wine will be held in a private Gin & Wine Intelligence Enclosure at the Pier. ...

On Gin

  • Gin Cocktails making Masterclass
  • History of Gins & its Production Process
  • Presentation from Distilleries
  • Artisian Gin Makers
  • Tonic & Garnish Tutorials

On Wine

  • Learn variety of Wines
  • Understand main styles & types of Wines
  • Characteristics of fine grapes
  • Understand main styles & types of Wines
  • Basic principles of Food & Wine pairing

Be prepared for a whole weekend of excitement, fun, and celebration with friends and family. Revive and rejuvenate within the city but away from the maddening crowd!